“Saving, Maintenance and Warranty” Words which can save a lot of money for your future dreams

Okay, let us start from the very initial stage of dreaming about things we wished to buy.

When we were young, a lot of us while waving at the airplane had the thought of buying it and able to fly it on our own.

Our father or uncles used to drive the two-wheelers or the cars, a lot of us used to have the thought of one day buying our own car and sitting on the driving seat and enjoying that feeling made us smile.

When we grew up a little

When we grew up a little we used to get pocket money for maybe to buy some chocolates or small toys or maybe some stuff which we like, that can come under the budget our parents or other relatives used to give us.

But, if you can remember one thing, our parents or other elderly-person used to tell us was the idea of saving. Even if we got, say, 100Rs or 50Rs, they used to tell us that try to save some amount from whatever you got.

At first, as a kid not having much knowledge and accepting the sayings, we used to put some or maybe the whole amount into our piggie banks.

And whenever we as a small brain holder got the idea of gifting someone or maybe buying something special, broke that piggie and used the money we saved.

How things changed from our childhood to teenage

When we guys went to our high school, we got our pocket money doubled. It was because of different expenses such as traveling or maybe for our stationary or sometimes food.

But the difference was that when our friends used to come up with some new stuff maybe, some game or attractive stationery or lunchbox or dress, we used to get fascinated and had the thought of buying somewhat like them or maybe better than them.

A lot of us, at that age, started having the mind of materialistic competition with our classmates or other friends. We used to beg our parents, and sometimes being stubborn to buy something expensive, to maintain our standards in front of others.

What happened to the word “savings”?

Due to the above-mentioned situations, which was almost the life of every other child, we actually forgot the word savings which was taught to us in our childhood times, and also forgot our piggie banks.

Anyway, at that time we were having the biggest bank from where we got our pocket money, our parents. So, at that time we did not have any fear of you know losing something with having the thought that our parents would buy anything for us.

But, as we all know we grow up, we get ourselves educated, we get our degrees and then we start earning. And when we start earning, something which we left doing strikes our mind that is ” Saving Money”.

When we are the only earning person in our house we, not only have to earn but a lot of responsibilities are added along with it. This is so because now we have to save money for a lot of things.

We have to pay a lot of bills, repair if something is damaged, look after our old parents their medicines and checkups, and so on. But we still have our dream car or bikes or gadget in our mind which we wished to buy as a kid.

Holding up on our dreams and finally getting it

We all work really hard to make our dreams come true. We earn a lot by our hard work, and then we buy our dream car or bike or gadget or game or whatever was the dream object.

Now, after getting our dreams fulfilled, we all are on the ninth cloud. But, one thing that comes along with our dreams is to “maintain” them. So that we can enjoy our dreams for longer.

Something about Maintenance

We buy our dream vehicle or gadget with a huge amount of money. We do maintain them in the beginning years. As for the vehicles, we schedule the washing, oiling, servicing, and other maintenance stuff.

For gadgets like a new phone or a new play station or a new x-box, we do start at a low pace. We use them very carefully and use them less.

But as time pass by, we have to use them on a regular basis. Due to which the phone hangs or the vehicle bought have some issue during our driving.

That is the time when we are not maintaining the schedule, which we used to at the early times when we bought them. In this situation, we need to run to the nearby mechanic or maybe a retailer who can get the problem and solve it immediately.

Here comes the word “Warranty”:

Now, we have already used up a lot of money buying the dream car or phone. We will genuinely look up to someone who can locate the problem and fix it in less time and money.

This is the situation where you need to remember your warranty. If your object is under the warranty period, the company will fix the problem with no money.

If you do not remember the warranty and comes after that, they will definitely pull a lot of money out of you. With that maintenance money, you can even buy a lesser famous model of your dream car or mobile.

Some points to save your money on the maintenance

1) When facing some problem in your car or phone, first try to locate it and fix it on your own if you can. If you are knowledgeable about that try once. It may help you save some money.

2) When you buy your car or phone or any play station, don’t just go through its attractive features, try to know them much deeper. That will help you locate any problem and fix it much faster.

3) Your aim should be to fully examine your car inside and out and take it to the dealership to fix everything wrong the month before your warranty expires, even if it is the smallest thing.

That way, you should also buy the longest amount of time possible for when the next inevitable car issue will occur.

These points will help you save some money for your future dreams.


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